Insecurities All Over The Internet

*Post an Instagram stories because her boyfriend bought her a phone and an expensive makeup case*

“Alhamdulillah kami bisa beli rumah sendiri, walaupun nyicil yang penting nggak ngontrak..”

*Post an Instagram stories about her wedding dowry*

“Alhamdulillah telah lahir anak kami yang bernama Bla Bla Bla, tepat pada pukul 12 siang…”

“Setiap weekend suami selalu nanya “mau kemana hari ini mah?””

Worth it banget beli kamera ini ketimbang kamera itu meski harus overbudget

— — — —

It might be some usual post about someone’s life. But, I bet it would make some of her viewers stories jealous and being insecure; hoping their life would be as perfect as hers.

But, it might be something else, right? It could be the one that is insecure is the one that post those stories. Because she is being insecure about her life. Her insecurity becomes something that needs a validation.

I always thought someone who post their stuff along with long caption about it and when I read it, it something like someone’s who needs a validation.

Validation for a perfect life. For a perfect partner. For a perfect human being. But, it’s not wrong either to show the flaws you have.

I might be used to that person too, but I changed. I did to take a look at my old posts and I realized and what the hell I was doing back then. Why do I need validations from everyone else? My life is mine and not other's. I’m pleasing myself and not others. And now, I think I can deal with my insecurities all over the internet. Insecure over other’s life.

I’ll post what I want to post without any feelings for other’s validation.

You need to do it too. Because I think, someone’s who always did too much effort to explain everything they have is someone who always needs other’s validation. And it’s not healthy.

But, am I still struggling with my insecure? Oh, of course. But it’s not about other’s social media post. It’s something else and also I don’t really know what it is. I might need to see a psychiatric.

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